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Rico- Blue Crowned Conure
Annie the Blue and Gold Macaw
Regis- ball python
Monty Python- the Burmese Python
Over 10 years Nature's Niche has adopted and given homes to many animals given up by their owners. Our adoption and placement service is free but we will except animal equipment and food to help in their care. We are also dedicated to rescue, care and transport of injured wildlife to other wildlife rescue centers. Many exotic animal adopted will become our "Creature Teachers" and can be seen on our assembly programs. We offer a "FOREVER HOME" and do not breed animals due to the high number of animals that need homes already but duplicate species are relocated to other education centers who can afford their care. This page is devoted to those animals we've helped and to thank those schools, libraries, camps and groups for supporting our humane environmental education programs!

We would like to dedicate this page to our most loved creature teacher RICO the blue crowned conure who's spirit has taken wing 10-20-05. His story began as an hatching almost 25 years ago when he was hatched and raised by an elderly woman who loved wildlife and had feeders around her yard to attract birds. She was the first thing he saw and from that point he was imprinted and thought of himself as a human. One day when RICO was watching the birds outside at the feeders they took flight and he decided to go with them. However he hit the bay window causing him to severely injure his right wing and had to be removed to save his life. From that day he would no longer fly! Flying is the most important adaptation that a bird has but now he needed to be carried around. He became bored and later developed a syndrome of plucking out his feathers. Because he no longer looked like a pretty bird so his owner gave him up. He was given to the creator of the Central Wisconsin Wildlife Center who ran a hospital for injured wildlife. In 1995 while working as the education coordinator for the CWWC I met RICO. He was a ruff and tuff little green bird that controlled a house with many cats and a dog who dare not mess with him. In 1999 the center's founder offered me 3 birds to be part of my Rain Forest education program. Along with RICO came a wild caught Orange-Winged Amazon from Brazil named ZACK who like to fly over the crowds but didn't trust humans and a loud young wild caught male Moluccan cockatoo who was part of a zoo's breeding program with his mate named Cochise. All 3 where the best of buddies. For over 10 years he has entertained and educated school kids for his other owners and Nature's Niche. He was best known for his energy, life story, dancing to oldies rock and roll, a special bow for the crowd at the end of the program and his likeness to "Pauly". He believed that he was the star of the program and we will never forget him! We set up the RICO FUND to help other injured or exotic birds.
*Sept. 2006 we welcomed a new CREATURE TEACHER made possible by the RICO FUND - Charlie- The Spectacled Amazon. He is a smart bird with a 25-30 phrase vocabulary and has been in education shows from a wildlife hospital in Florida. He greats you every day with good morning angels.
Crackers- 5-07 The Monk Parrot. She was adopted because her owners were moving away. Crackers does many fun tricks like dancing to whistles and raises the roof. He loves to be with you and lands on your head for a ride or to see what you are eating. Cracker past on in 2008 after a fight with Ruby. Ruby was jealous because Charlie and Crackers lived in harmony with each other but she saw Charlie as her mate. (Which are also green.)

  • Fall 2007, We took in a badly plucked 20 year old Blue and Gold male named "Papa" which was renamed "Pablo". He has many health issued due to the previous mate plucking him and only being fed a diet of sunflowers. He has grown back some feathers but has a long road and we hope to get the other 4 birds that the previous owner has. He did pass on in 2009 due to a viral condition he had when we received him.
  • Spring 2008, Our home has been alive with a real talker and show off Eclectus female renamed "Ruby". She has become a fan favorite on programs but is shy in front of crowds. She says much of what Crackers did.
  • Spring 2008, In the feather weight category we adopted "BO" - the Sun Conure.

  • To make a long story short many people get an exotic bird for many reasons such as they are pretty, it may talk back, and are unique but give them up because it is noisy, messy, will out live them but mostly because they don't understand them when you get bitten. The truth is they are just like us in many ways! They find love, friendship, get stressed and depressed, show intelligence and cooperation, are passive and aggressive, etc.. Sound like a human.

    See some of our Creature Teachers in action at your local Library or summer school programs for "Make A Splash" this wet and wild summer!

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    Cuban- femaleMilli

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